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WhAt a beautiful name 



Latest body of work in fruition, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NAME, motivated by the Creator of creations – every painted sky, every painted sea, aerial perspective when land freely meets the sea and tones that exists to give Him glory. It isn't always easy to find inspiration. It escapes you more often than it occurs. The more you consciously seek for it the more you lose it. The more you grab onto it, the lesser you receive. But it turns out we were going after the wrong thing.


While these pieces embody warmth and a calming ambiance to the space which it will hang, bringing the outside world inside, the collection is a visual response to the Creator's revelations of love and truth, reminders of unchanging promises otherwise forgotten or obliterated by what is current and seen. 

Painting has allowed Morales to imagine exploration, and she channels this into her distinct expressionist abstract, soft color palette across the canvas, working in gestural, intuitive all-over approach.  In this collection, Morales created art that she feels must exist in sharing messages of living hope and victories in a world that is increasingly divisive and hostile – The Harvest is Plentiful, Drowned in Perfect Love, All That Was Lost Has Found Its Place, Love Came Down & He'll Do It Again, Breakthroughs After Breakthroughs, Where Feet May Fail, Alive Because He Lives, Who Spun the Stars into Its Place & Calls You By Name, Making Rivers in the Dessert, Breathing into My Direction. 

Own pieces of her wide imagination, and see the world differently through her unique artworks. Make your place a new home for her paintings.

May we never loose our wonder, wide eye and mystified, may we be just like a child, staring at the beauty of our King.


Moving into different seasons ignites change to trial new color palettes. Ytal Morales' artworks wish to see more.... muted tones, interesting layers, textured areas, quiet spaces, playful strokes, soft edges and loose marks. How could she bring stories, beauty of imperfections, things she loves doing and places she loves seeing into her art?

Note that each piece from our collection release is intended to be one of its kind, uniquely created and will not be replicated by the artist. All pieces could be displayed in an orientation that fits your interpretation and will be signed at the back for authentication.