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Krystal "Ytal" Cruz Morales - BIOGRAPHY;

• -- You see a dot. She sees an object floating in the vastness of the universe. Krystal "Ytal" started her fascination with arts when she was just seven years old. Her love for colors grew from crayons to pastels giving life to collection of her art works at a young age. Gained influence from Belarus most colorful painter, Leonid Afremov, and Father of Abstract Expressionism, Dutch artist Willem De Kooning, she was able to create vivid scenes and figures of bright colors putting her own touches of simplicity and sophistication in every strokes. Essentially, the journey to artistry and colors became more evident when she discovered Acrylic as a new medium and started painting on canvases. The colorful bright colors continued, but on subtle and perceptive interpretations - the Abstracts.


Distinctive as her abstract creations were, Ytal's work became redolent in contrast to straightforward and traditional paintings. Apart from that, she also managed to learn crafts from Polymer clays. These instances opened opportunities for commissioned arts which eventually turned into small scale business. In 2016, Ytal started exploring the beauty of nature and culture through travelling, both local and international places. The cool colors of beaches during summer. The fiery images produced by autumn leaves. The vibrancy and calmness of the deep ocean and corals. All these experiences gave way to a new perspective not only to the way she sees life, but also to how she creates her art pieces.


Her deep inclination to colorful finishes slowly turned into neutral accent colors translated to thin and thick brush strokes, sharp and shallow pallette knife nudges. She found her own style, her own palette of colors, and her own art works' identity that reflects her positive bubbly character. While pursuing a design related career, she decided to venture into selling pieces of her art works. Prior to that, she realized that there is a market for art lovers like her, people who appreciate paintings in particular.


Because of that, in July 2020, she released her first series of Acrylic paintings on stretched canvas called "PLACES WE GO" which she showcased the drone photographs captured during her travels, giving her own distinct touch of neutral colors. Ytal, an expressionist and abstract painter. Own pieces of her wide imagination, and see the world differently through her unique art works. Make your place a new home for her paintings.



Born Laguna, Philippines 1992.

Credits: Words and photography by loving spouse,  Michael Ramos Morales

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